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3/5/2019 5:32 PM

Its the Riddle of the Month!! Partake and if you win reap the rewards!!! If you know the answer DM or stop by the office to enter. The contest ends on March 17th! Good luck 🍀

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  • Looking for things to do in the harbor? Check out the farmers market tonight at Skansie Park. It’s a beautiful day for #buyinglocal 
#sunshine #blueskies #gigharborfarmersmarket #gigharbor #welovegigharbor #neighbors #braceraliving
  • Happy Tuesday from Bracera!!
  • Happy Memorial Day! Bracera thanks everyone to help keep this country safe
  • The #pools opening soon! #sunstayout #holidayweekend #braceraapts #braceraliving #almostsummer #weloveourresidents
  • Don’t miss out!! Mark you calendar. Let’s hop there’s sun ☀️ What are your favorite toppings on your hamburger? Let us know so that we can stock up! -Bracera staff
  • In April Bracera held a rock painting event! Today we hid the gorgeous rocks around the community for all the residents to find! If you find one please re-hide it to pass on the joy!!
  • Happy Mother’s Day from Bracera!! Any mom that comes into the Bracera office can choose her favorite flower and sweet chocolate treat!
  • Look at some of these BEAUTIFUL rocks! Bracera held a rock painting party on April 27th, it turned out wonderfully!!
  • Good morning everyone! Happy Tuesday from Bracera!
  • That’s right folks! Bracera’s Rock Painting Party is happening now!! Come by and let your artist talents flow through!! #braceraapts #rocks #rockpainting #art #fun #braceraliving
  • Happy Wednesday from Bracera!!!
  • Stop by TODAY!!!
  • Happy Friday!!!!
  • It’s been raining ☔️ buckets here at Bracera but this rainbow 🌈 was completely worth it!!
  • Bracera has COOKIES! Weather you are one of our rockstar residents or a prospective guest looking for information, there is a delicious cookie 🍪 with your name in it!
Come visit us and satisfy your sweet tooth!! #braceraapts #cookies #yumyum #cookie #otisspunkmeyer #gigharborliving #weloveourresidents #braceraliving