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3/10/2019 8:27 PM

It’s that time of the year folks! Spring is almost here, Join Bracera in celebrating with a Celebration of Spring Brunch! It will be located in the Bracera clubhouse on Saturday March 23rd!

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  • Looking for things to do in the harbor? Check out the farmers market tonight at Skansie Park. It’s a beautiful day for #buyinglocal 
#sunshine #blueskies #gigharborfarmersmarket #gigharbor #welovegigharbor #neighbors #braceraliving
  • Happy Tuesday from Bracera!!
  • Happy Memorial Day! Bracera thanks everyone to help keep this country safe
  • The #pools opening soon! #sunstayout #holidayweekend #braceraapts #braceraliving #almostsummer #weloveourresidents
  • Don’t miss out!! Mark you calendar. Let’s hop there’s sun ☀️ What are your favorite toppings on your hamburger? Let us know so that we can stock up! -Bracera staff
  • In April Bracera held a rock painting event! Today we hid the gorgeous rocks around the community for all the residents to find! If you find one please re-hide it to pass on the joy!!
  • Happy Mother’s Day from Bracera!! Any mom that comes into the Bracera office can choose her favorite flower and sweet chocolate treat!
  • Look at some of these BEAUTIFUL rocks! Bracera held a rock painting party on April 27th, it turned out wonderfully!!
  • Good morning everyone! Happy Tuesday from Bracera!
  • That’s right folks! Bracera’s Rock Painting Party is happening now!! Come by and let your artist talents flow through!! #braceraapts #rocks #rockpainting #art #fun #braceraliving
  • Happy Wednesday from Bracera!!!
  • Stop by TODAY!!!
  • Happy Friday!!!!
  • It’s been raining ☔️ buckets here at Bracera but this rainbow 🌈 was completely worth it!!
  • Bracera has COOKIES! Weather you are one of our rockstar residents or a prospective guest looking for information, there is a delicious cookie 🍪 with your name in it!
Come visit us and satisfy your sweet tooth!! #braceraapts #cookies #yumyum #cookie #otisspunkmeyer #gigharborliving #weloveourresidents #braceraliving